Wait, wait! I’m here! Really! I know that it has been a deplorably long time since I last posted.

This quarter has been TOUGH.

Last month, a woman in one of my classes very suddenly and publicly committed suicide. I have never dealt with suicide on this personal a level, and the tragedy of it hit me HARD.

Then, just after I was beginning to crawl out from under the shock and sadness of that, some extremely difficult family matters hit, resulting in a pretty major PTSD flare-up for me.

And yesterday, my parents had to put down our family cat of almost 18 years.

It’s not been an easy couple of months. The good news in all of this is that I have not, for the most part, resorted to my eating disorder to cope with this. A few months ago, I doubt I would have been able to say that. Instead, I have turned to my support system and my treatment team, all of whom have REALLY stepped up to the plate and have committed to helping me get through this in productive, health ways. I am in awe of them (and, I’m not going to lie, kind of in awe of myself, which is a new feeling!).

So, between practicing self-care, giving myself time and space to cope with all of these challenges and emotions, and doing as much school work as has been reasonably possible, there has not been time for much else.

I do feel as though I’m beginning to resurface. And I am glad to be reentering the world!